Why Choose Us

We aren’t a huge company who doesn’t care.

We’re a growing start-up established in 2010. Our vision is to live in a World with low prices for medicine.

Registered United Kingdom Business.

We are Life Sciences Health Ltd – A Registered LTD in the UK. Our business operations are located within the UK. We produce our own Life Sciences Pharmacy brand and we have direct connections with Pharmaceutical Companies, allowing us to produce the best products at the lowest prices. The prices for our in-house brand are fully within our control. We choose to keep our prices low. Our goal is NOT huge profits, which seems to be the only goal with other pharmaceutical companies. We are privately owned, not publicly traded like other pharma companies. Why does this matter? It means we are beholden to our customers, NOT shareholders of stock who would want the highest profits possible.

All Products are direct from the Manufacturer.

We obtain our product direct from manufacturing Pharmaceutical Companies as well as produce our own in-house brand. No product is from a distributor or store, there are NO middle-men involved. It is new and SEALED in bottles or blister packs, all original manufacturer packaging. All Pharmaceutical Companies are WHO GMP compliant and ISO 9001 certified.

Exclusive In-House Brand.

We produce our exclusive Life Sciences Pharmacy Brand, allowing us to offer high-quality medicine at prices that stores can’t compete with, or choose not to. We develop our medicine based on customer feedback. An example of this is our white-colored Loperamide tablets, without colorings or dyes often used in this medicine that many people are extremely sensitive to. We can’t stress this enough – we CHOOSE to keep our prices low for our brand. Why? Our goal is NOT huge profits.

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